The Duchess star Keira Knightley recently revealed to Glamour her take on nude scenes and nudity in Hollywood movies.

When asked if she felt comfortable stripping down and baring her all, Knightley replied, “Pretty comfortable.”

“I certainly wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t…. I detest unnecessary nudity and what it says about women in society.”

When prodded about what it does says about women in society, she replied, “I think you see a lot of films where, Oh, yes, the woman gets her tits out again and runs around naked for no reason. And you kind of go, Ugh, do we have to?”

While her philosophy differs from Kate Hudson who not too long ago also revealed her comfortable-ness appearing nude in movies, the fact remains… Hollywood starlets are getting smarter about their options and the roles they take in the highly exploitative film biz industry.

Source: Galmour, WENN