I’m not sure if there’s a better art gallery for children of the 80’s than Gallery 1988. Their art shows not only bring out some of the best pop artists in the world, but they also capture popular culture’s best decade in a way that makes you feel young again, or at least makes you jealous that you missed out on it the first time around.

The newest show from 1988 is a tribute to the toys of Mattel. That means a ton of great He-Man art, but also some amazing tributes to Dino Riders, Street Sharks, Kitchen Commandos, Mighty Max, and more!

Here’s a list of all the artists and art that we’ve featured here:
Victor Marin – Skeletor
Trevor Zammit / Dave Silva – Dino Riders
T Wei – Street Sharks
Stephen Sandoval – Kitchen Commandos
Scott Balmer – Snake Mountain
Ryan Brinkerhoff – The Mighty One
Rudy Obrero – Point Dred Talon Fighter
Pakoto Martinez – Mighty Max
Naoshi – Food Fighter
Maria Björnbom Öberg – Fight Like a Girl
Manuel Kilger – Battle Bones and Friends
Justin Gammon – Evil Beasts of a Thousand Bodies
Jason Cryer – Castle Grayskull
Jason Brockert – Good vs Evil
JC Arenas / Robot Soda – Grayskull
Hoang Tran Clash of Crayons
Emiliano Santalucia – My MOTU Buddies
Derek Handy – Trap Jaw
Dennis Salvatier – Skeletors Secret
Chogrin / Tayler Brown – The Power ofternia
Chet Phillips – Rock em Snark em Robots
Cesare Asaro – He-Sock-Em
Carly Janine Manzur – Sorceress of Castle Grayskull
Brendon Flynn at the Mountain of the Serpent
Augie Pagan – Daily Affirmation
Alina Chau – He Man

Source: Geekart