Geeky coffee tables, like the one that looks like an NES controller are all the rage, but there’s something to be said about having a coffee table the not only looks great, but also cleans the air in your home.

It’s called the Living Table and it’s made by Habitat Horticulture. It might look like any other planter, under a piece of glass, but this indoor garden furniture features an integrated capillary system within the design actually mimics how plants naturally grow, while eliminating the need for drainage. The result is a low-maintenance planter that can be maintained by the blackest of thumbs.

The main benefit of the capillary system is that it allows the plants to self-regulate water intake. That means you don’t have to worry about over watering or under watering your little patch of green. It doesn’t mean you can grow anything you want in this table. After all, it’s not going to work with things like carrot. It is designed for ground cover plants that don’t get tall enough to reach the glass.

If the idea of having this much green in your home excites you, just realize that you’ll need to shell out a decent amount of green to get it. The Living Table starts at $850. We think that they should be marketing this to action figure collections. Imagine the display you could set up for your Ewoks or Predator action figures in this thing!

Source: Inhabitat