I guess it makes sense. I know a lot of struggling actors who work in food service.

Fans of the Muppets who were disappointed their ABC show didn’t have a chance to really course correct before its plug got pulled can rejoice… kind of. While Disney isn’t willing to trust famous pieces of felt with a slot on PrimeTime, they seem more than willing to let them continue to maintain their foothold in the theme parks, well – at least in Disney World.

Muppets 3D was taken down in Disneyland, and it almost met the same fate in the midst of Disney Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars and Toy Story based renovations, but fan outcry led to the attraction being saved. Now, it will actually be getting a restaurant to go with it. Pizza Planet, a Toy Story themed quick service restaurant near the Muppets attraction closed for a year of renovations recently. Now, it’s being announced that it will not be coming back. Instead, fans can expect to see “Pizza Rizzo” making it’s debute in the 4th quarter of 2016.

While it has yet to be announced just how heavily “Muppetized” the restaurant will be, I hope that we at least get a few animatronics of Rizzo and his family posted around the restaurant, as well as possibly some sort of placement for the Swedish Chef.

Source: WDWNT