17-year-old NAME REDACTED, otherwise known as the the kid who “egged” Justin Bieber thought it was all fun and games until he was dragged out of bed by 10 policemen (because one would not have been enough, and 11 would have been too many), who pushed him against a wall and handcuffed him.

REDACTED was asleep at his Denison St home at 7.30am when he was woken by members of the proactive crime team banging on his door, wanting to question him over an incident at Acer Arena on Friday when eggs where heaved on stage aimed at Bieber and his crew.

Police subsequently seized laptops, hard drives and a mobile phone from his home before arresting him in front of his horrified parents.

“I was still stirring in my bed when these guys entered my room and told me I was in big, big trouble.” REDACTED said.

After being questioned, REDACTED was charged with offenses including break and enter, trespass and malicious damage. He was granted bail and will appear in court on June 2.

The clip of Bieber being egged has received more than 1.3 million hits on YouTube. And on Facebook, “Australia! The only country brave enough to egg Justin Bieber” attracted more than 20,000 likes in a day.

Source: daily.telegraph