LEGO, Playmobil, and even Mega Construx have all built a name on selling amazing, miniature toys, mostly based on pop culture licenses. The one brand that seems to have never jumped on-board is Mattel’s Polly Pocket Even their boy’s toys counter-part, Micromachines had sets for everything from Star Wars and GI Joe to Predator and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. If the marketing team at the company sees what the website ToyZone just asked artist Jan Koudela to create, we’ve got a feeling that some new playsets are going to be in our near future.

Instead of just pondering the idea of what these toys might look like, the website asked the artist to render up some 3D illustrations of Polly Pocket playsets for The Simpsons, Stranger Things, the Shinning, Friends, The Lord of the Rings, and the Tenenbaum Family would look like.

Source: Geekart