There are a lot of stupid Kickstarters out there and then there are the ones that matter. No, we aren’t talking about raising money to plant trees or support green energy. We’re talking about what REALLY matters… Robocop! Well, Phillidelphia may have their own Rocky statue, but now Detroit can brag that Officer Murphy will have the tribute he deserves when his own 11′ tall Robocop statue is dedicated this spring.

After raising over $67,000 last year via Kickstarter, Imagination Station Detroit has finished the majority of work on the statue and it looks amazing. Sure, they still need to attach the head, and the whole thing needs a proper finishing to give it the right color, but it’s all there and it’s F’ing awesome!

You can read all about it on the Kickstarter page, here, and you can check out Robocop in all of his glory below!