Disney World and Disneyland are just days from re-opening, but the big news from the parks lately has been more about updating the attractions than how to manage proper social distancing on the tea cups. Last week it was announced that the Song of The South themed Splash Mountain would be getting a makeover inspired by The Princess and the Frog. There is also a rumor that the “Indians” in the Peter Pan ride will soon also be removed. Now, a new rumor is floating around that The Hall of Presidents is up for a massive overhaul.

This rumor definitely makes sense. Ever since Bill Clinton was added as the first sitting president to speak in the attraction, the Hall of Presidents has been a bit of a political hot button. As you can imagine, that controversy hasn’t abated now that Donald Trump is on stage and talking as the current sitting president. While the goal would definitely be to keep the show historically accurate, it seems that Imagineers would also like to make it a tad less controversial.

Here’s where things get interesting. According to the rumor mill, the house of mouse is speaking to none other than Weird Al Yankovic and Lin Manuel Miranda about stepping in to revamp the attraction. While this could mean that the small fan campaign to get Hall of Presidents turned into a “Hamilton” attraction has been greenlit, we don’t think that’s the case. If it was, they wouldn’t need Weird Al.

Instead, we are betting that the two will collaborate on a fun and educational new experience that will actually engage the audience. That would be be a massive change from the current attraction, which one reviewer described as “a great place to breast feed while you are at Disney World.”

Here’s a video of the current Hall of Presidents show from Disney World:

Source: DisneyTouristBlog