Do you love cake, but wish there was a version you could drink instead of having to chew? Well, today might be your lucky day! There are a couple of Western foods that have become ubiquitous with Christmas in Japan. The first is Fried Chicken and the second is Strawberry Shortcake. Just in time for the holidays, one Japanese company is releasing a special Strawberry shortcake… in beverage form… that you can buy from a vending machine.

The new beverage is called Rich Grand Time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake and it includes gelatin to give it a more “food like” texture. According to reports from people who actually tasted it, it apparently tastes good and is reminiscent of a thicker version of Strawberry Milk, a very popular beverage in Japan. While that’s good and all, I can’t help but think of sludge when I look at it.

Source: Rocketnews