Sharon Osbourne is being investigated by the LAPD for beating up Megan Hauserman from the VH1 reality show Rock of Love: Charm School. The fight happened during the taping of the reunion special Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Here’s what TMZ had to say:

Megan Hauserman claims Sharon Osbourne went ballistic during a taping of the show’s reunion special Saturday night. She says Sharon O. ran across the stage of the show, grabbed Megan by her hair and would not let go. She says Sharon (who is the host of the show) continued to pull to pull at her hair and scratch her until security eventually separated the two. Megan went to the hospital Sunday afternoon and filed a report with the LAPD on Sunday night.

We’re told Sharon’s nonsensical hubby Ozzy was the cause of the beat down. According to Megan, she responded to a crack Sharon made about her by saying Sharon is only famous for managing a brain dead rock star. That’s what set Sharon off. (Source)

A lot of people criticize Rock of Love: Charm School, calling it “worthless,” the “lowest of the low,” and “what’s wrong with American television.” Wrong, wrong, and wrong. I’ll have you know as Megan was getting her extensions pulled out by Sharon, she managed to keep a book balanced on top of her head the entire time. This so-called “worthless” show transformed her into quite the graceful young lady.