I love Disney World. I loved it when I was a kids who would come down to visit on winter break, and I loved it when I went with some friends last weekend. However, there’s a big part of me that feels the park is losing a step. A lot of the emphasis on new rides is moving towards movie motion rides, which quickly become outdated, and there seems to be a feeling that the people in charge are making moves that not only don’t respect the history of the park, but seem to be doing things to it that may actually hurt it in the long run.

That’s why I get both excited and aggravated when I see ideas by Disney artists like John Ramirez that go unproduced. The world of Hayao Miyazaki is Disney domain, and one of the best and most Disneylike films that he’s ever produced is My Neighbor Totoro. Ramirez has imagined a ride that fits the classic feel of what you want from a Disney Park while still bringing in a whole new and wonderful world that’s never been seen in an attraction before.

Source: Collider