During the recent Glitchcon, the Light Grey Art Lab put on a great art exhibition featuring artistic interpretations of some of video game history’s greatest boss battles. Check out some of the highlights featuring Super Mario Bros, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Metroid, Sonic, Zelda, and more.

Here’s a complete list of the pictures in the gallery:

(Fear) The Reaper by Jesse Riggle – Mass Effect
A Wolf and Its Prey by Taryn Gee – Metal Gear Solid
Aim for the Faceplate by Laura Bifano – Legend of Zelda
Andrew Ryan by Philippe Poirier – Bioshock
Andross by Mike O’Brian – Game Star Fox 64
Barba by Jen Bartel – Shadow of the Colossus
Big Bob-omb by Tommy Sunders – Super Mario
Bowser by Katherine Lim – Mario
CHOZO by Joey McCormick – Metroid
Come Into The Light, Little Moth by Richie Pope – BioShock
Dawn by Emily Cheeseman – Prince of Persia- Sands of Time
Dedede by Derrick Dent – Kirby
Devil Gundam (Colony Form) by Benjamin Currie – Gundam vs. Gundam Next
Eggman by Nicholas Kennedy – Sonic
Final Forms by Paul Reinwand – Metroid Prime
For Science by Francesca Buchko – (GLaDOS) in Portal
Framed by Nneka Myers – Super Mario Sunshine
Great Grey Wolf Sif by Glenn Harvey – Dark Souls
hy Do You Refuse to Gain Power? by Bobby O’Herlihy
Indoctrination on High by Deborah Garcia – Mass Effect 1
Infest by Rekka Bellum Starcraft
Look at Zombie Pirate by Adam Hoppus – Secret of Monkey Island
Lord of Sunlight, Lord of Cinder by Rob Chandler – Dark Souls
Loss Prevention Against Pac-Man by Soeun Lee – Pac-Man
Lynx by Laura Pettapiece – Chrono Cross
Mother Is Watching by Tom Weiner – Super Metroid
Naval Piranha by Rodrigo Avilés – Yoshi’s Island
Now Leaving Raccoon City, Please Come Again by Bernard Gatus – Resident Evil 2
Only a Matter of Evidence by Chicherova Olga – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney- Justice For All
Orochi by Miguel Co – Okami
Robot Masters by Dana Wulfekotte – Mega Man 3
Rockman Wreckage by Chris Schons – Rockman – Megaman
Rumble…Rumble… by Daniel Shaffer – Majora’s Mask
Spider Queen by Maggy Ivy – Okami
Super Koopas by Rosena Fung – New Super Mario Bros U
PsyCrow by Patrick Loughman – Earthworm Jim
The 3rd Colossus by Victory Maury – Shadow of the Colossus
The Death of Ganondorf by Michael Pitropov – The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker
The Waterwraith by Lydia Guadagnoli – Pikmin 2
Wario by John Willinski – Super Mario
Wyrmwood Falls by Jason Norman – Mario

Source: Geekart