I can not wait until Halloween starts on Warcraft.

I am a trick or treating fanatic. I log on to every character I have, which is six, each hour and trick or treat.

I have to get as much candy and wands and silly little masks as possible. It’s a sick obsession. In fact, I do it on every Holiday. Beerfest, Valentines day, Christmas; All holidays that I love for the free crap. I think it’s just something inside of me that wants to hoard and collect as many free items as I can. That’s why I’m such a fan of free gift with purchase. I NEVER buy make up unless I get a free gift with it. Do I need it? Absolutely not….but do I want it….HELLS YEAH!

I have probably 15 little free gift bags under my sink. It’s great. I also only order supplies from Staples when they have a free gift. I mean, if I’m going to order lots of stuff for my office anyway, why not get a free BBQ set with cooler bag? And when Albertson’s gives those little stamps you can collect to get free dishes or pots and pans, I go nuts. I’ll buy like 5 ketchups and like 7 tubes of toothpaste just so I can rack up the bill to get more stamps. You can never have too many pots!

Maybe more people should offer free gift with purchase.

Even McDonalds gives away a free toy with a Happy Meal. If vegetables came with free toys maybe kids wouldn’t be so afraid of them. And my doctor could give me Target gift cards just for keeping up with my annual physical. I pay him enough don’t I?

The world would be a much better place if there were more “Free Gifts with Purchase”