What’s the big deal about 2012? Well, if you love conspiracies, or if you stay up all night listening to Coast to Coast AM, you know that it is the end of the world. Well, maybe not the end of the world, but experts are convinced that it is going to be catastrophic. OK, some experts think that nothing will happen at all, but the cool ones say we are doomed! December, 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar. Experts are convinced that the Mayans would not have stopped without a good reason… like the end of the world. There’s just no way that they stopped because they felt like setting the calendar up for the next 3,000 years was enough for that point in time and that they would be able to come back to it later. Nah, that’s not possible. What we can expect is asteroids, or a reversal of the magnetic poles, or (this one is my favorite) a mystery planet with alien life will reveal itself in our solar system.

It only makes sense that this would eventually become the fodder for disaster movie makers like Roland Emmerich. Now, check out the new teaser from his film, 2012.