If it’s viral, there’s a good chance that it will eventually get a movie or TV offer. That’s why we’ve got things like the Angry Birds movie, The Five Nights at Freddie’s movie, and the quickly defunct sitcom based on a Twitter feed: Shit My Dad Says.

THR is now confirming earlier reports that Slender Man will be getting his own film. Yup, memes get films now. The film, from Screen Gems, is actually one of two Slender Man projects in the offing right now. The other is an HBO documentary that recounts the Slender Man Killings from a couple years ago.

This new film, will be about the fake fictional character… not the real life monsters 14 year old monsters that used the meme as an excuse to try and kill their 12 year old friend by stabbing her 19 times.

Source: THR