Oh what it once was. Since opening with 14.3 million viewers, ABC’s sci-fi series “V” has plummeted in ratings despite having been giving another chanced with a new second season.

ABC picked up “V” with an original order of 13 episodes. It has since been announced that the order will be reduced to 10 episodes. This certainly isn’t good news for the longevity and survival of the show that has been pushed back from a November air date to January and was bastardized by the Winter Olympics.

There’s no easy way to say it folks, if you’re a follower of “V,” it may be time to start saying your goodbyes or starting those useless online petitions to keep the show alive. It’d be hard to see “V” continuing for another season, not unless it can renew its fanbase dramatically with these remaining episodes.

Source: Obsessedwithfilm