Dear Ryan Murphy, You suck. I’m not entirely sure what has happened to your judgment, but it is clearly impaired. Did you fall and hit your head? Are you not starting your day with a balanced breakfast? Or, are you perhaps beginning to believe your own hype?

When you started up Glee, you were on to something great. You had characters that people could relate to and cheer for. You had good music that was sung by a group of people together, something that you just don’t get in any of the major music shows on TV. And, you clearly had the wherewithal to package the show so that people of all ages would crave their weekly hit like crack junkies sucking on a pipe.

By the end of the first season, I was beginning to lose that loving feeling. The characters were becoming more and more cartoonish and the plot became harder and harder to care about. By the time that Finn decided that he had to beg to join the cheer leading team so he could be popular again and then fell to his knees before his lunch, I was done. Somehow you managed to turn a good set of characters into a bunch of self serving prats who mainly sing on their own because God forbid they have to share their iTunes royalties. How you managed to make Sue Sylvester the only likable character on the show will forever remain one of TV’s greatest mysteries.

Tonight’s show will feature the New Directions gang performing selections from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I look forward to this with the same vigor that I would seeing Snoop Dogg do a one man stage show of Barbara Streisand’s greatest hits. OK, I take that back. I think that show would probably kick ass.

Now there’s news that you aren’t content to just ruin Rocky Horror on the small screen, and that you’d like to actually remake the film for the big screen. WTF are you thinking man? Do you really believe that you are so awesome that you c an create something better than a film that was released in 1975 and is still in active theatrical release?

What are you going to to with it? Bring in popular musicians and try to make it another iTunes blockbuster? Justin Timberlake is great, but he’s never going to make a good Brad. Maybe you’d just like to bring in celebrities and put them through the ringer while you put your own “spin” on something that doesn’t need any spinning. Ya, it sure worked out well for Ann Margaret in The Who’s Tommy…

Just leave it alone and stick to running your show into the ground.

Here’s a preview clip of tonight’s episode… enjoy the suckitude: