Our good friends over at Geeksofdoom are reporting on another remake horror story. It turns out that ABC has ordered a pilot based on the 1984 sci-fi TV series V.

The original series, which starred Marc Singer (Beastmaster), dealt with the fight to avoid an alien invasion and attempted take-over of Earth. More specifically, it dealt with an agent who captures an alien named Diana, who is then put on trial for her actions. The new version is expected to revolve around a female Homeland Security agent, meaning the alien will likely be male this time around and Homeland Security will ironically be involved in keeping actual aliens out. The V stands for The Visitors.

Lots of old V fans are pretty excited about the news. They are expecting some sort of Battlestar Galactica style awesomeness. Chances are that we are more likely to see some sort of Flash Gordonish Crapitude.

Just in case you haven’t had your fill of remakes ABC is also ordering a pilot to be shot based on The Witches of Eastwick.

Source: geeksofdoom.com