While back, the net was all abuzz with news of Natalie Portman taking an interest in Seth Grahame-Smith’s Surprise hit, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The book has not only become an instant cult classic, but it garnered a pretty quick film deal for the author.

Well, a couple months have past and it seems like Smith just found another feather to stuff in his cap. Grand Central Press editor Ben Greenberg has just inked a two-book deal with Grahame-Smith for a rumored $575,000. The first book of the deal, which has no publication date and sparse details will be: “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.”

“The proposal for Grahame-Smith’s new book sold at auction Wednesday and the story is a loose sketch of Lincoln’s life with one twist–honest Abe is the world’s most skilled vampire hunter.”

So what other books does Smith have to his name? Other than Zombies, he’s kept to a more pop-culture based fare including: “The Big Book of Porn: A Penetrating Look at the World of Dirty Movies” and “How to Survive a Horror Movie.”

I’m still wondering if Jane Austen’s works are now public domain or if he used parody to get away with copying so much of the original Pride and prejudice without getting in trouble. If that’s the case then I’m going to get started on my Wizard of Oz/ Dracula book. C’mon… you know The Lion would make an excellent Renfield.

Source: Publishers Weekly