Hannah Montana continued her contract with Satan this week as her movie reached #1 at the box office. The tweentastic movie knocked Fast and Furious off the throne and led Observe and Report to an Anemic opening of just 11 million dollars.

Also of note was Dragon Ball Evolution starring James Marsters which came in at 8th place with just over 4.5 million dollars. Fans of Dragonball, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Torchwood and Smallville can meet Marsters Next weekend in Orlando at the FX International.

1 Hannah Montana The Movie $34,000,000
2 Fast and Furious $28,783,000
3 Monsters Vs. Aliens $22,617,000
4 Observe and Report $11,140,000
5 Knowing $6,670,0006
5 I Love You, Man $6,412,000
7 The Haunting in Connecticut $5,710,000
8 Dragonball Evolution $4,650,000
9 Adventureland $3,433,000
10 Duplicity $2,997,000