Everyone has spent the last week talking about the impending Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, but it turns out there is another big trailer coming out this week, but it’s for a movie most people forgot was even happening. The film has taken a long and winding path towards happening. For a long time it was set to be directed by James Cameron as a follow up to Avatar, but he quickly got distracted by his four impending sequels and his Disney theme park, and passed the film over to Robert Rodriguez. For a lot of people, that wasn’t the most encouraging news, given Rodriguez’ mixed record.

Since the time it was turned over to him, Ghost in The Shell came out to major controversy and underwhelming box office, and Death Note came out as a live action adaptation on Netflix and was quickly panned by pretty much everyone. It seemed like a good time to stop and take a break before another major work of Manga was converted to live action for American Audiences. Who knew that while all that was going on, Battle Angel was actually getting made?

Cameron still has his hands on it. He’s got co-writing credit on the screenplay as well as a Producer credit, but it’s hard to imagine he was too hands on, given his other projects. The film also has an interesting cast with standouts like Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jackie Earle Haley mixed in with actors that don’t get to much big screen time any more like Jeff Fahey and Casper Van Dien.

All we’ve got to go on right now is this teaser. It’ll be interesting to see what we get when the full trailer hits later today.

Set in the 26th century, ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL tells the story of Alita, an amnesiac female cyborg who is rescued from a scrapyard by a doctor. The rebuilt Alita, remembering only her training in a deadly martial art, becomes a hunter-warrior, tracking down and eliminating vicious criminals. Within the context of an epic action-adventure, the film will explore a young woman’s journey of self-discovery and finding love.