Some new images of of action figures from the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises popped up today and they brought with them a big question… Who the hell is the dude in the pajamas?!?

The figures are from the Quick Tek action figure line and the big big questions are the two figures on the right hand side. Most people seem to be focused on the one on the far right. Is it Christian Bale? Is it Joseph Gordon Levitt? Is it possibly Josh Pence as a young Ra’s Al Ghul? Personally, I don’t think it really matters all that much. It is definitely one of them. If it is a young Ra’s… well, we already knew that character was in the film. If it is Levitt… cool, but I want to see if he’s going to be Azrael.

That brings me to the second figure from the right. The super slick and high tech looking Bat Suit. There’s a huge chance that all we’re seeing here is just a random batman. Lord knows they have 2,000 different versions of Batman with every action figure release. I’m looking more at the head, which reminds me a lot more of the Batman beyond style (I’m talking chin, not ears.)

Is this just another Bat variant or is this Joseph Gordon Levitt as Azrael? Probably the variant, but it would be cool if it was the latter.

Source: io9