A new banner has been spotted for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that looks like it might be the first appearance of at least half of the Sinister Six! The banner popped on Latinoreview, via a reader on Twitter who saw it at the Red Rock Casino In Las Vegas. Along with featuring Spidey and Electro, there are two other apparent bad guys on the screen. From all accounts, it appears that they are Rhino and Goblin.

We don’t get a real close look at the Goblin, but We get a nice view of Rhino. It is kind of funny. I remember complaining when the last set of Spider-Man movies came out, that Green Goblin’s Helmet made him look like a Power Rangers Bad Guy. Now, my first impression of Rhino is that he looks like a Zord!

There’s a good chance that we’ll have a close up view of both sooner than later. The first trailer for the movie hits the net on December 5th.

Source: LR