If you were left wondering if we’d ever know the fate of Archer after this season’s cliffhanger, you can breathe a little easier. The spy who made “Phrasing” a thing will be back for at least three more years. A lot of people were thinking that this would be the show’s seventh and final season, but this is what FX has to say:

“We can’t say enough about what Adam, Matt and the entire Archer team at Floyd County have done to keep this series so insanely funny and vital through seven seasons,” said Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions. “The move to Los Angeles this past season as private detectives was just the latest twist in Archer’s legendary exploits and the next three seasons will to be just as amazing and unpredictable. We are thrilled to continue making great TV with our friends and colleagues at Floyd County.”

Hitting seven seasons of TV as an animated show and not falling into the pit of mediocrity that has befallen the Simpsons or pretty much any of Seth MacFarlane’s shows (Family Guy, American Dad, the now dead Cleveland Show, and the extremely short-lived Border Town) is a feat. One thing that’s helped save Archer is creator Adam Reed’s penchant for changing gears. While the show started off as a spy agency, Reed took the whole story in a different angle two seasons ago with “Archer Vice” when he gave the team a reason to become international drug dealers. This past season brought yet another change as the team moved to LA and opened up shop as private investigators, to great results. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s got in mind for the next three years.

Source: Collider