As you may have noticed, the ranks of Team Arrow have been thinned. Black Canary is dead, Diggle is headed off to War, Speedy is brooding. All that’s left is The Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak. However, Variety is reporting that the team is about to get some reinforcements by way of Madison McLaughlin’s Evelyn Sharp. While the character originally appeared last season as the imposter Black Canary, it looks like she’ll be taking up a bow and arrow along withthe mantle of Artemis.

In DC’s Young Justice cartoon (a show that Netflix has recently been toying with reviving) Artemis played a significant role on the team. She also came with some pretty heavy baggage. Her sister was the villain Cheshire and her mother was the Huntress. In the comics, her parents were the villains Tigress and Sportsmaster. It will be interesting to see if they try to weave either of those backstories into the CW show.

Fun Fact: Madison McLaughlin’s last role was on Chicago PD, where she played the daughter of Elias Koteas. Koteas Played Casey Jones in the 1990 TMNT Movie, the role Arrow’s Stephen Amell just played.

Source: Variety