The Arrow’s Stephen Amell has worked his way up to being both an action star and a sex symbol. Now, he’s taking on his next new role as a dude… being a dude… in wine country. This isn’t some scripted comedy, but an actual new reality series about Amell and his buddy tasting wine.

The reality is that the new webseries mainly serves as a way for Amell to promote the new winery that he’s started with his friend Andrew Harding: Nocking Point.

I don’t think you’ll learn anything about wine during the new series, but from the trailer, it at least looks like you’ll have a lot of fun.

Official Description:
101 million Americans drink wine. Over 1/3 of that wine comes from overseas and a vast majority of the remainder comes from Northern California. We’ve all heard of Napa, Bordeaux and Burgundy. What about Paso Robles? Or Austin, Texas? How about wine from Michigan? Did you know Canada makes world-class wines? Mexico too? The list goes on…and we’re going to take you along with us as we explore each of these new world-class wine regions and the people that make them so awesome to visit.

Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding are co-founders of one of Washington State’s newest and fastest growing wineries, Nocking Point Wines. Their friendship took them on a road trip in May 2012 to the Bay Area for a Blue Jay’s baseball game. They didn’t make it very far before they called an audible, stopping off in Paso Robles, CA for a quick wine tasting session. That spontaneous pit stop — Stephen’s first-ever introduction to a wine region, the culture, the food, the lifestyle, the people and the experience — ended up lasting over 2 full days and inspired them to carve out their own little piece of the wine world for themselves.

The guys humbly admit to being total rookies in the wine business. They aren’t trained in the sciences of enology and viticulture. They don’t come from a pedigree of world-class winemaking families. “Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country” takes you on the road with them as they seek to satisfy their own growing curiosities about the world of wine by exploring the world’s newest wine regions that produce the best wines of our near future. You’re going to see first-hand how great wine really happens.

Dive head-first into the world’s up-and-coming wine regions with two buddies who do wine regions like guys do wine regions. Get a little hands-on with the winemaking process with some of our new winemaking pals; see what makes each region so specifically unique and special; and go behind-the-scenes with the guys as they soak up way more than just awesome wine. So spend some time with us on our little wine journey…just a couple of dudes being dudes in wine country.

SOurce: Nerdalicious