A few hours ago, the first official trailer for Disney’s ‘The Muppets’ leaked online. We aren’t sure how long it is going to be up, so check it out now while you have the chance!

Over the past couple weeks, Disney has released some great trailers for ‘The Muppet’s that were really more of a joke than anything else. The last one that popped up the other day was actually based off the Green Lantern and featured the voice of Ryan Reynolds.

Well, we aren’t sure where it came from or how long it will be up, but the first full official trailer has leaked on line and it looks pretty good.

Does it look as good as ‘The Muppet Movie’? It’s just not a fair comparison. Nothing will ever be as good as the original. That said, it looks a lot better than the last few Muppet disasters. One thing that I’m curious about is that there’s no music from the movie intro’d in the film. There’s a Jefferson Starship song and a humorous clip of Mana Mana, but I am really interested in hearing the original music that they’ve come up with for the movie.

Anyways, watch it while it’s hot!

Source: Muppetcentral