In an unprecedented move, episode 10 of ABC’s “FlashForward” was aired last night in Australia prior to the US, which will resume its scheduled broadcast time this Thursdays at 9pm on ABC Channel 7.

Fans who have been following the show probably noticed that the mystery-drama took last Thursday off due to a little holiday known as Thanksgiving. As a result, episode 10 was delayed a week and won’t air until this Thursday, December 3rd.

It remains a mystery as to why Disney allowed Seven (Australia’s Channel 7) to air “FlashForward” early in Australia. When questioned, a Seven spokesperson could only confirm that the episode will air in Australia on Monday as scheduled.

Australia is often behind in many things particularly the airing of TV shows and movies. So it’s nice to see Australia get a little something early for a change. Must be a holiday miracle.

Source: ebroadcast