Summit Entertainment brings us news that they have moved a step closer to adapting Top Cow Comics’ “Alibi,” a breakout series from their Pilot Season.

John Hlavin has been hired by Summit to helm the action pack script. Hlavin who is no stranger to all things awesome, is a former writer on “The Shield,” and is currently writing his own Western script, “Gunslinger” for Warner Bros. as well as the fourth “Underworld” film.

“Alibi” tells the story of a government assassin with the perfect alibi, namely his wealthy playboy twin brother with a high profile social life. The concept was created by Hawkins and Michael Renegar. Although still in its infant stage, “Alibi” is already being compared to Top Cow’s “Wanted” which was also adapted and saw tremendous big screen success.

“Alibi” co-creator and Top Cow President Matt Hawkins is also attached as an executive producer, along with Marc Silvestri.

Other Top Cow properties currently in development include “Witchblade”, “Magdalena” and of course the upcoming “Wanted 2” with the return of Angelia Jolie.

Source: Empire Online