There’s a good chance that this is more wishful thinking than anything else, but some eagle-eyed fans are claiming to have gotten a glimpse of a comic book favorite in one of the final scenes of Avengers: Endgame.

According to the new report, in the scene where Peter and Ned reunite at school, a female student walking through the frame is wearing clothing that could possibly be a nod to the fact that she is none other than Spider-Gwen. Check out the pic below:

You see her? She’s the one in the spider-web skirt with the pick backpack and the blond, cropped hair. Is it possible that this is what fans are thinking? Sure, it’s possible. Is it probable? No.

If anything, this was probably just a nod from the director to add a little more fan-service to the movie, especially after the increase in Spider-Gwen’s popularity from Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse. Still, it’s a pretty cool easter egg and it’s fun to dream.

Source: CBM