We’ve been waiting for a live-action adaptation of Microsoft’s Halo for years now, and it’s finally going to happen over at Showtime with a big budget and all the bells and whistles it deserves. With that said, don’t go into the new series expecting it to be just like the game.

Gary Levine, the president of Entertainment at Showtime had a lot to say about the show at TCA (Televisions Critics Association) today:

“There’s all kinds of new drama that we will be exploring but we will stay faithful to the canon. We’re not going to violate anything that’s in the canon. We’ve been lucky to have 343 Industries working with us every step of the way. They’ve been a great resource for suggesting things that we weren’t aware of and also at times to say sometimes something violates something in the canon.

One thing that wasn’t confirmed or denied at the event (meaning that it is essentialy confirmed) is whether or not Master Chief would ever be taking off his helmet in the series.

Here’s the deal. America Gods Alum, Pablo Schrieber has been cast as Master Chief. It’s really hard to imagine that showtime would cast someone like him without wanting to show him off a little. The only helmeted character to successfully stay that way in a live-action adaptation is Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd. Hell, even Darth Vader took his helmet off a couple of times.

With the show set to premiere on the Cable network in April of 2020, we are hoping to at least get a trailer before the end of the year.

Source: Deadline