It’s amazing how few people today know who Hedy Lamarr was as one of the top actresses of her times, and it’s a tragedy that even fewer people know that she is the brains behind some of the most important technologies of our day. Along with being one of the top bombshell actresses of the 1940s, Lamarr was also an inventor who helped create both wifi and GPS technology.

Today, Showtime announced that they are moving forward with a limited-series event about the life of the actress and that Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot would be playing the titular role. Here’s what Showtime’s President of Entertainment Jana Winograde had to say:

“The life of Hedy Lamarr was a truly fascinating one. She stood at the forefront of many issues that challenge women and our society today. In Gal Gadot, we have found the transcendent actress to portray the deeply complex Lamarr. And with the award-winning talents of Sarah Treem and Warren Littlefield, this is going to be a special series.”

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this short video about the life of Hedy Lamarr and how her inventions even helped turn the tide during parts of World War II.