NBC’s “Community” has been sneaking the word “Beetlejuice” into every season of the show for three years now. Recently in the Halloween special, “Beetlejuice” was said for the third time and you know what that means! If you look carefully, Beetlejuice himself quietly walks by in the background in the final clip. I’ll be honest, I totally missed that when I saw the episode, good thing eagle eyed YouTuber DaveStopera didn’t and was kind enough to share this video “Beetlejuice” and “Community” fans. And kudos to the writers of the show for delivering this awesome Easter egg!

The episodes in the clip:
1.16 Communication Studies
2.08 Cooperative Calligraphy
3.05 Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps.

Now if only we say “Community” three times, and not have NBC cancel it.

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