For a long time now, the much awaited film adaptation of the classic TV show ‘Dark Shadows’, was just a vague idea with Johnny Depp’s name attached to it. Now, it is starting to look like the Tim Burton film is on the way to getting made.

The classic vampire soap opera which has influenced everything from Buffy to Vampire Diaries was a huge hit in the 60’s. The lead role, a vampire named Barnabas Collins, has belonged to Johnny Depp for quite some time. Just yesterday, it also came out that Human Target/Nightmare on Elmstreet star Jackie Earle Hayley and Bella Heathcoate were also in talks for roles in the movie.

Now it has just been announced that Eva Green, who is best known for playing Vesper Lynde in ‘Casino Royale’ is going to be taking the female lead role: Angelique, a powerful witch in a love-hate relationship with Collins.

Source: Deadline