Witer, artist, animator and producer Bruce Timm recently spoke with MTV about his upcoming “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” and “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights,” the sequel to “Green Lantern: First Flight.” Both animated projects will feature Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and are set to make a 2011 debut in conjunction with the live-action full featured film staring Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s what Timm had to say regarding the animated series:

“[The animated series] doesn’t follow the direct continuity of the [live-action] movie or ‘First Flight’ or anything that we’ve done before, but it doesn’t contradict them either,” Timm told MTV News. “They’re all pretty consistent in terms of Hal Jordan being the Green Lantern and so forth, so hopefully by the time our show comes on, people will have seen the ‘Green Lantern’ movie — several times, hopefully — and they’ll know the backstory, so we can go off from there.”

According to Timm, the creative team on the “Green Lantern” animated series will not be retelling Hal’s origin, given that it would be in the film and public knowledge by then.

“We’ve already done the origin story in ‘First Flight,’ and I’m sure we’ll be re-releasing that to take advantage of all the ‘Green Lantern’ publicity next year,” he said. “The movie itself is going to be his origin story, so people will know his origin story and we don’t have to waste time with it yet again.”

Moreover, Timm confirmed that the series will involve standalone episodes rather than “broad arc” for the first 26 episodes season. Additionally, season one is set to feature the rage-fueled Red lanterns, but we won’t see the full spectrum of Lanterns until later seasons.

“We don’t get into the whole Black Lantern thing,” said Timm, citing DC Comics’ recent “Blackest Night” crossover event that featured a massive war involving every color of Lantern and much of Earth’s superheroes. “Hopefully the show is a big hit and will go on for six or seven years, and we’ll do the Black Lanterns somewhere down the line, but for now we don’t have any plans to go down that route.”

Lastly, Timm says the series will be a “science-fiction show” so it will not feature the likes of the Justice League such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, etc.

“It’s all about the Green Lantern Corps,” and while the story begins on Earth, it will be going cosmic almost as soon as the series begins.

Regarding the new Green Lantern animated film “Emerald Knights,” Timm confirmed that the film will be released in 2011 and is an indirect sequel to “First Flight.”

“This one focuses directly on the other members of the Green Lantern Corps,” he explained. “It’s similar in format to the “Batman: Gotham Knight” movie we did a couple of years ago, with six individual stories all tied up in an overall arc. [‘Emerald Knights’] is similar in that each of the individual stories focuses on one of the other Green Lanterns.”

Fan can expect “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” to drop just a few weeks after the live-action “Green Lantern” movie. Meanhwile “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” is scheduled to premiere in Fall 2011.

Source: MTV Splash