Burn Notice continues to be one of the highest rated shows in Cable as it enters into it’s fourth season. Every week millions of fans tune in to see Michael Westin take down the bad guys with Sam Axe and Fiona by his side. Now, it looks like we’ll get to see a glimpse where it all began. USA has just greenlit a Burn Notice movie prequel that will focus on Bruce Campbell’s character, Sam Axe. So where will Michael Westin be in this adventure? Behind the camera. Jeffrey Donovan will actually be directing the film. Both Donovan and Campbell will be producing alongside the series creator, Matt Nix.

Here’s what we know about the movie so far:

It is set in late 2005 and focuses on Sam Axe’s (Campbell) last mission as a Navy SEAL. It begins after a faction of Colombian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon, with Lieutenant Commander Axe being sent down to investigate. As the mission unfolds, Sam begins to uncover the dark secrets of the area, learning the truth about sacrifice, deception, and ultimately what’s worth fighting for.

Source: Deadline