If you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” on AMC, you really can’t help but love it. It is just an awesome show. In fact, you are already pretty sad that this weekend will mark the end of the way too short first season. And, while we know that there will be a second season with 13 new episodes (Not until next October), one thing will be very, very different. There is a good chance that there won’t actually be a writing staff.

It just came down the wire tonight that Frank Darabont has canned the entire writing crew for the show. So what’s the plan? He’d like to do the show with freelancers. Now, this could actually be a good idea. He got the idea from Torchwood, which has always worked that way and has always had great storytelling.

Of the six episodes this season, Darabont actually wrote two of them himself and co-writing/revamping the other four with Robert Kirkman. In the end, this might be the best thing for the show, now we just have to see what the Writer’s Guild of America has to say about it.

Source: Deadline