This is not going to be one of those posts about how Cartoon Network is taking my favorite childhood cartoon and ruining it with a poorly conceived reboot. No one can ruin Thundercats. Between the original 80’s series, the under-appreciated reboot in 2011, and even some of the comics, Thundercats will live on. That said, I’m not sure that what we are being shown in this trailer has anything to do with Thundercats other than the character names. The best parallel I can give is the difference between Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, but with a slight edge towards Steven Universe.

Who knows… Maybe executive producer Victor Courtright is on to something and the Super Cartoony look will resonate with kids like it does in Steven Universe, The Adventure of Gumball, and Magiswords. It’s hard to tell from the little bit we’ve seen. I’m sure we’ll get a full trailer when Cartoon Network heads to Comic-Con in a couple months. Meanwhile, Thundercats Roar will hit the network in 2019.