Between Into the Woods, La La Land, and Les Miserables, there’s been a growing trend of musicals on the big screen. With two of those three being stage shows that were adapted to screen, it only makes sense that one of the longest-running Broadway shows of all time wouldn’t be that far behind. And that is how we now find ourselves with a film based on the Broadway musical, Cats, directed by The King’s Speech and Les Miserables Helmer, Tom Hooper.

Earlier today, it was announced that the film has now started production and a list of all the major players and their roles has finally been released. We have known for a while that Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Ian McKellen are part of the cast, but now we know which kitties they’ll be playing.

James Corden as Bustopher Jones

Dame Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy

Jason Derulo as Rum Tum Tugger

Idris Elba as Macavity

Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella

Sir Ian McKellen as Gus

Taylor Swift as Bombalurina

Rebel Wilson as Jennyanydots

Francesca Hayward as Victori

While a huge hit, many people consider Cats to be one of the most over-rated musicals in history. It will be interesting to see how Hooper pulls the new production, and its cast, together.