Channing Tatum has been stuck in comic book movie purgatory for years now with his never gonna happen Gambit movie. Now, it looks like he’s found another comic book hero who deserves a turn on the big screen and its none other than Sam Kieth’s The Maxx!

THR is reporting that Tatum, along with ‘IT’ producer Roy Lee are set to adapt the cult comic book and former MTV animated series for live action. It is not currently known if they are looking at the comic as a potential movie or series opportunity. If you’ve never seen or read The Maxx, it is one of the best comics to come out of the early Image comics days. It told the story of The Maxx, a big purple dude that was either a mentally unbalanced homeless guy or a mythic protector in an alternate reality known as The Outback. His sworn mission was to protect Julie/ The Jungle Queen from Mr. Gone. The story was emotionally raw, and darker than most comic books were willing to go at the time. In other words, it would be perfect for a film treatment.

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s a promo for the 90s The Maxx MTV series: