We’ve seen the Sharknado and the megacrocs… we’ve even seen pretty big spiders in films like Eigh-Legged Freaks, but have we ever seen a Big Ass Spider before? I think not!

Believe it or not, Big Ass Spider was released in theaters back on October 18th (making it Oscar eligible!), and it s now making its way on to iTunes, Amazon Instant, XBox, Vudu, GooglePlay, etc. If you don’t have access to those methods, you can catch it when the blu-ray hits on January 7, 2014.

I think, just from what we’ve seen here, this is a movie worth watching. Sure, it will probably be pretty laughable, but it has Greg Grunberg and Ray Wise in it! Ray Wise would be entertaining if he just sat and posted a video of himself reading all 1700 pages of the Affordable Care Act!