Another great announcement to come out of yesterday’s Disney Investors’ meeting was the formal announcement of a new Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers reboot. The CGI/ live action hybrid film has been slated for the spring of 2022 on Disney+.

Here’s what we know about the film so far: Andy Samberg will be voicing Dale and John Mulaney will be Chip, with Lonely Island member, Akiva Schaffer set to direct. The movie will also feature a small role for Seth Rogen, but it has not been revealed as of yet. We also know that there will be something referencing the CGI to real-life difference, with one of the characters going a little overboard and possibly ending up as traditional animation for at least part of the film.

Rescue Rangers was always a great show, and it was fun to see the characters get a mini reboot in the recently ended Duck Tales series. With the creative team leading the charge, it could be a great movie.