After languishing for a couple years, ‘Dark Shadows’ has kicked into high gear. The tim Burton directed film just announced that they’ve cast the roll of Elizabeth Stoddard, the daughter of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character.

Taking on the role will be none other than Chloe Moretz of ‘Kick Ass’ fame.

With the addition of Moretz, it’s looking like we’ve got an almost complete cast. Here’s a list of who is playing who
Johnny Depp – Barnabas Collins
Michelle Pfeiffer – Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard
Helena Bonham Carter – Dr. Julia Hoffman
Michael Sheen – Roger Collins
Eva Green – Angelique
Bella Heathcoate – Victoria Winters
Jackie Early Haley – Willie Loomis
Thomas McDonnell – Young Barnabas Collins
Gulliver Mcgrath – David Collins
Chloe Moretz – Elizabeth Stoddard

So what do you think? Is this one shaping up to be a movie you’d actually like to see or is it just another unnecessary remake?

Source: Deadline