It probably isn’t all that surprising that a religious Christian Group wouldn’t care for a TV series about an Angel and a Devil trying to stop the end of days, but it’s pretty funny when that same group tries to get a one-season series canceled from a different network than the one where it is streaming.

That’s right, more than 20,000 Christians have signed an online petition that asks Netflix to cancel Good Omens (starring David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Jon Hamm, and more). The series, which can’t really be renewed for a second season, because it’s a closed story, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

The petition, from the US Foundation For A Christian Civilization, calls for cancellation based on the fact that the series, based on a novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, attempts “to make satanism appear normal, light and acceptable,” adding, “this type of video makes light of Truth, Error, Good and Evil, and destroys the barriers of horror that society still has for the devil.” The petition goes on to voice opposition to the fact that God is voiced by Frances McDormand (a female) in the show.

Co-writer of the novel and creator of the series had this to say on the matter:

Source: Variety