Warwick Davis has been in almost every movie you love from Return of the Jedi (and every Star Wars film after that), to every Harry Potter film, the first several Leprechaun films and many others, but the only movie where you can really see his face is in Ron Howard’s Willow, alongside Val Kilmer. While the film has achieved cult status, the 1988 never really made it to box office or critical hit status. The good news is that nostalgia has washed away any of the film’s failings and left behind only the good feelings of Willow and Mad Martigan’s epic adventure. And, as anyone knows, where there’s nostalgia, there’s the possibility of money. That brings us to today’s news.

It’s now being reported by MTV’s Josh Horowitz that Ron Howard is in talks with Disney to bring the film back as a new TV series on the Disney+ streaming network. The series is being developed by Jonathan Kasdan and would bring back Warwick Davis would star in it as “a mature Willow in action.” There’s no word as of yet if they’ve reached out to Val Kilmer about bringing Mad Martigan back to the screen.