It seems like Leonardo diCaprio likes Anime so much that he wants to hug it and squeeze it and pet it to death like he was Lenny in Steinbach’s ‘Of Mice and Men.’ Not only is he cast in, and producing the live-action American adaptation of Akira, but he is now also producing the cult favorite, ‘Ninja Scroll’.

According to, Alex Tse, has just been picked to write the script on the Warner Bros Adaptation. For those of you now familiar with ‘Ninja Scroll’, it is set in feudal Japan and follows a ninja who must fight eight demonic warriors in order to save Japan. The hard-R movie, released in 1993 in Japan, featured a villain with stone skin, a hunchback with a wasp nest as his hump and a woman whose snake tattoos come to life.

Tse is also the co-writer on the new Watchmen adaptation from Zach Snyder. This may or may not be a good sign depending on what you think of the footage that has been released.