With early buzz on the Assassin’s Creed trailer feeling like video game movies could finally achieve some level of redemption, it’s time to push forward and see what other games we can squeeze for box office cash. Next up is Uncharted.

Deadline is reporting that Joe Carnahan has just turned in the latest draft of the script and Shawn Levy has been tapped to handle directing on the film. Meanwhile, Carnahan, who wouldn’t have been a bad choice to direct the movie, is actually going to be busy directing the latest film in the Bad Boys franchise: Bad Boys for Life, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

For his part, Levy is best known as the director of the ‘Night At The Museum’ films, as well as movies like ‘Real Steel’ and ‘The Internship.’

There’s currently no news on who will be taking on the role of Nathan Drake. I’m guessing that Nathan Fillion is just a hair too old for the studio to make that happen, but we can always hope.

Source: Deadline