As a kid, one of my favorite monthly comics was What If? It took the biggest and the most impactful stories from the Marvel Universe and asked: “What if this happened instead?” It tackled questions like: What if The Uncanny X-Men died on their first mission? What if The Daredevil Killed Kingpin? What if The Fantastic Four Never Got Their Powers? What if Punisher’s Family was never killed? They even did a two-episode story asking What if Spider-Man hadn’t married Mary Jane followed by What if he had married Black Cat? It was one of the few places in the Marvel universe where creativity mattered more than canon and imagination was the limit.

Today, several sources are reporting that Marvel is working on an animated version of the comic book for the upcoming Disney+ streaming network. There’s no word on anything beyond that at this point. We don’t know if they’ll be bringing the classic comic books to life, creating new stories based on the comics or possibly even looking towards the MCU as source material for future What If stories.

As soon as we know more, we’ll have it for you right here!