I’m not sure if this counts as a full on oil spill, but 8,000 bottles of ranch dressing have fallen into Conococheague creek in Pennsylvania after a tractor-trailer crash. the crash happened a week ago, but clean-up crews are having a hard time clearing the popular condiment from the creek. Five days after 8,000 bottles were pulled from the river, property owners are still reporting seeing them drifting downstream.

While it was initially estimated that the number of bottles that let loose was around 8k, the truck that crashed was carrying 20,000, so it seems like there was more of a spill than previously estimated. The initial accident caused two injuries, both drivers of the truck.

The owner of nearby Breezee Hill Farm notified authorities of the excess ranch dressing that was finding it’s way into the ecosystem after the initial cleanup.

“We came out and we were like ‘oh my gracious. It’s so much,’” she said. “So we’ve been out here like day and night trying to get all this ranch and wrappers and all kinds of stuff out of the creek. It’s been an adventure,” she said. “The whole creek is just oily from all this ranch. It’s been crazy.”

SOurce: Herald