We’ve seen mixed reports, so this is basically a report to tell you that you shouldn’t trust anyone until you hear it directly from Disney. Over the course of the day, we’ve heard several unnamed sources at multiple trades and blogs claiming that they all have the inside track.

The sad news is that pretty much everyone agrees that Gunn will not be directing Guardians of the galaxy 3. The confusing part is that everyone seems to have a different take on the script. The reason the script has become even more important is that David Bautista (Drax) has threatened to quit if Gunn’s script isn’t the one that is used.

So far today, we’ve heard that they are definitely not using it, probably not using it, might be using it, and definitely, want to use it, but have to pay James Gunn $7-$10 million to close out his contract first. Amazingly, there are still more sources who think Gunn will be back in the director’s chair at Marvel to Helm Guardians 3 or maybe a different MCU film all- together.

Basically, don’t listen to anyone until you see an official press release from Disney and Marvel Studios.

For Gunn’s part, the director has handled this situation with humility and a professional nature that is rarely seen in the age of social media. There are plenty of rumors swirling that he has already been approached by multiple studios, including Warner Bros.

In the end, the only people who lose out here are Disney and the fans. Along with being an amazing director, Gunn was set to help shepherd in the cosmic phase of the MCU. losing him now means that Marvel studios will be left scrambling to fill a big creative hole and it could cause major ripples in the next phase of movies from the studio.